Typical School Day

Below is what the typical school day looks like!

How we start the day

The day is started with four pledges to the American Flag, The Christian Flag, the Bible, and a student creed.  Next, we worship with songs in our favorite videos.  We then have a bible lesson, often with object lessons, and we find the corresponding scripture in the bible. Finally,  we take prayer requests and pray together.   The words to our pledges and creed can be found in our parent handbook. Check out the pictures!


A story is read aloud to the students, each student reads on his own and has one on one reading time with the teacher.  Thrive has an interactive reading program used with the white board as well!

Lunch Time !

Students pack a lunch daily.  The lunches are kept refrigerated.  A microwave is available to heat up meals.

My Math Curriculum

The Gateway Writing Project

The kids entered a contest for the Gateway Writing Project and The St. Louis Botanical Gardens!  Each child wrote their own storybook which was complete with colored illustrations! The theme is nature.   Check out the video below of a 2nd grade student reading the story aloud to her classmates.