Volcano Science experiment

We created a volcano using brownies.  The lava was a red jello mixture! This experiment is completely edible!

Exploding brownie volcano experiment video


Tornado in a jar!

This science experiment was done with water, dawn dish washing liquid, food color,  and baking soda!  The students loved this one!  When you swirl the jar, the tornado is really evident.

Video of the tornado in a jar


Ecosystem in a bottle

We created a living environment for the fish and the flower, where they feed off of each other.  A piece of yarn flows from the flower soil into the fish bowl.  The fish bowl water climbs up the yarn to feed the flower!  What a fun project!  Feeding the fish everyday has given the students a wonderful lesson in responsibility!


We used vinegar, food coloring, and baking soda to create beautiful color explosions of the rainbow!  The white paper is the result of the spill over of the color!.  The students then used the color cups to paint their own version of the rainbow,  

We learned that the rainbow is God's promise not to destroy the earth by flood again!

Gobstopper Experiment

We placed gobstoppers in a lid, an equal distance apart from each other.  We poured water over each of them first.  Then we experimented with 7UP, milk, and Dawn dish washing liquid.  Then we waited!  The colors bled out, but they did not mix with each other no matter what liquid was used!  Really fun and interesting experiment!

Seed Project

Just as our school is with our student, we planted seeds and are watching them grow. into the beautiful thing God created them to be!  We discussed how seeds grow, what they need to survive, and how the plants help us in our environment.  Good lesson!

Art project - Monet's Starry Night

Art project- painting a birdhouse

Art project - dough Christmas ornaments

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Force and Motion experiment

We tied two rubber bands together to make a slingshot.  We used three plastic capsules to have variability in the experiment.  One was filled with 28 pennies, another with half the pennies, and the last remained empty.  We laid out 96 inches of rulers in three rows.  We then formed a hypothesis of which capsule would fly the farthest.  We decided the empty one would fly the farthest.  Each child tested the each capsule, then measured the distance.  At first, they didn't fly far, but once the students got the hang of it, they were flying well pasts the 96 inches!  Our hypothesis was correct.  The empty bottle flew the farthest!  Check out the pics below!