Bible Lesson - Good advice /Bad advice

We studied the book of Ruth and the book of Proverbs.  We learned what is good or bad advice, and who we should get this type of instruction from. We memorized Proverbs 19:20 "Get all the advice and instruction you can so you will be wise the rest of your life."  We ended this lesson by making rice krispy treats that look like Hershey kisses.  The paper strips have excerpts of good advice on them!  We used funnels to mold the kisses, then used foil to wrap them.  Each student will offer these to whomever they please along with the good advice!  Check out the pics!

Easter Egg Coloring

We took some time to have some fun coloring Easter Eggs.  We learned how food coloring reacts with cool whip, and how other colors react with each other.  We wound up with some awesome colored eggs to show off at home!

2017 Halloween

How much fun did we have at our Halloween party?  Check out these pics!  We dressed up in costumes and made some awesome treats in the kitchen.  We played some high energy games and decorated a pumpkin!  What a great day!

Baking with Eckert's apples

We ate a different apple treat each day of the week after our apple picking field trip!  

Here are some pictures of baking fun!

Spirit Week!

We celebrated school spirit week with a few dress up days.  We are the Thrive Christian Eagles!  Our colors are green and brown. We had a beach day, crazy hair day, crazy sock day, and career day!  

Creation pizza Party

We learned all about how God created the world this week and decided it would be a great idea to have a pizza party!  We made the pizzas in the form of some of God's creations!

100th day of school celebration

To celebrate the 100th day of school, each student designed their own t-shirt and wore it. They modeled their t-shirts in a fashion show, with the host using the student's words to describe their design as they walked.  We played some fun games, made a board with ten sections and counted out 100 snacks in tens, and put them on the board.  We were all so happy that we survived 100 days of school!

Thanksgiving lunch with school families

We had a fantastic lunch with family and friends of Thrive!  Everything was tasty and the conversations was good!  The students made all the decorations and set the tables.

We are so thankful for the families of Thrive!

Shepard on a search

Most families use an elf on the shelf. Thrive Christian school family uses a shepherd on the search! Our shepherd was found in a different place every day!  In the end, he followed the stars and found baby Jesus!  Check out the pics!

2017 Christmas Program

We had a great time at our Christmas event.  The students sang Christmas songs with some awesome dance moves, participated in a play (the story of Jesus's birth), and showed off their art and lesson work.

Video of Come let us adore him by the students!

This version of O' Come All Ye Faithful is by Hillsong.  The students did a most exellent job singing!


Valentines Day Party

We iced heart shaped cookies, made valentines bags for the goodies, traded valentines, and created a Thrive Christian School tree by tracing the hand and arm, then glued on heart-shaped construction paper.  

Mother's Day Craft 2018

The students created a fruit bouquet for their mom!  They had a great time cutting fruit out with cookie cutters.  They created different flowers on skewers and arranged them in a pot.  Each student designed their own message on the pot using color pencils, markers, and crayons.  This was a really fun and delicious art craft.